Coques en Stock


Logo_2014_LabelOn July 3, 2013, COQUES EN STOCK, for NEO495 gets OBSERVEUR DESIGN LABEL , organized by the APCI (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation) since 1999, the OBSERVEUR DESIGN LABEL is a Internationnal Design Award. Also, COQUES EN STOCK will compete in November 28, 2013 at a price of ‘Stars of Design “and exhibition to be held in the City of Science and Industry at La Villette from 28 November 2013 to March 2014) .


On February 11, 2013, The day of the anniversary of the Law of February 11, 2005, Coques en Stock receives the Accessible-toAll Awards 2013 – Product Accessible to all, rewarding efforts and exemplary initiatives for access to all and for all, honored the Design for all of the Neo495.

Alain Inzelrac is a 15 years established in the South of France, near Montpellier. Alain Inzelrac ‘s passion of  sailing, he has created Coques en Stock, a company specialized in hight performance Sail Boats for competition. Coques en Stock is constantly researching new processes for using composite and the study of ergonomics.

It is naturally that the idea of creating a sail- oat for both the able and disabled to sail equally ,  by integrating the concept of Design for All, was born.

Our company is fully engaged in European innovation in a strategy for sport development  by reducing inequality .

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With Neo495 is involved in the synergy combining the three pillars of  development:

Environment: Made in France
Economy: Innovative,
Social: Reducing inequalities.

Pioneer and innovative, the Néo495 establishes access to sailing without regarding physical, sensory, age or social.

After a few years of practice in leisure  and competition, Néo495 fits naturally into this social evolution punctuated by the French law of 11 February 2005 for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people ….