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Neo495 at RYA Volvo Dinghy Show 5 & 6 March 2011

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The UK Launch of the Neo 495

The French keelboat designed for both able bodied and disabled sailors at The RYA Volvo Dinghy Show 2011.

RYA Volovo DinghySHOWThe French boat builder Alain Inzelrac and Access Class sailor Monique Foster, UK ambassador for the Neo 495, will be launching the Neo 495 for the first time in the UK.

Currently, the Neo is sailed in Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland and the Indian Ocean. In this unique keelboat the sailors are seated side-by-side, allowing able and disabled people to enjoy racing and cruising together. Alain Inzelrac developed a unique cockpit layout that enables either both or just one crew to control all functions in the boat. The Neo cockpit has also been designed with vision impaired sailors in mind, enabling them to participate in each maneuver using Braille labeled controls.

The 2.4mR Paralympic sailor Alan Smith said: ““The Neo looks an interesting boat, being a two seater it could make a good training boat between an access and 2.4.” Seated side-by-side allows for easy communication and tuition in boat control and tactics. Alain has spent many years researching an ergonomic design, comfortable seating, easy access and safe to sail. The Neo 495 has a retractable keel and removable rudder blades which make it easy to put on a launching trailer, and can be launched without the use of a crane.

The light aluminum rigging can be rapidly installed with little effort. The freeboard is higher, allowing the crew to sail without getting drenched. Since 2008, the French Sailing Federation has recognized the “Neo495 Class Association” as a French Class Association based on the ISAF rules. The Neo 495 Class Association organizes Discovery Days, recreational activities as well as races such as the National Neo 495 and the 4 Nations Cup. Here you can meet the owners of this incredible boat who all share the same hobby of sailing both on sea and lakes and enjoy the freedom and adventure sailing brings.

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