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is since 30 years an Internationnal Class Boat, recognizes by ISAF. It uses the metric tonnage of previous Class America Boats.

A true replica of the 6m, 8m; 12m JI. It is a very common boat in the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavia Countries. More than 500 boats across 20 countries participating in National Races and World Championship unite over 100 participants.

Only Coques en Stock offers the 2,4 mR Cap Kouros serial approved Category D (CE Standard ), designed by Jacques FAUROUX.

2,4 mR Sihouette

The small Kellboat is similar to a big one. Its control panel gathered on the piano enables it to respond quickly to the most delicate solicitation. The Up-Wind is its favorite style. Downwind, after a time of adjustment, it offers its helmsman incomparable pleasure. Safe and comfortable, its suits for beggars, for training, but even more so it’s an excellent boat for schools.

Its unsinkable ability has made the boat selected fort the Paralympics Games (Mark III), and 20% of users in the world are disabled people.


Brochure 2,4mR CAP KOUROS

Brochure 2,4mR CAP KOUROS #2